The project will start from the analysis of the state-of-the-art and best practices in semantic architectures and in ontology-based solutions for the automation of service integration. Moreover, the project will (i) test the outcomes and ongoing activities of IP4 TD4.1 projects IT2Rail, CONNECTIVE, GoF4R and ST4RT and (ii) analyse all the relevant European initiatives (e.g., National Access Point for multimodal transportation, Smart Ticketing Alliance, ITxPT and the new European Interoperability Framework) concerning interoperability in the transportation domain, in order to extract functional and non-functional requirements for the IF.
These requirements are the inputs for the core part of the SPRINT project dealing with (i) the definition of a reference architecture for the IF exploring different alternatives and new software paradigms and (ii) the identification of a reference solution to automate the creation/extension of domain ontologies and the definition/revision of ontology-based annotations and mappings, simplifying the integration of new assets in the IF. 
Realistic target performances and a proof-of-concepts (POC) implementation will be used to test and validate the SPRINT solutions.
A specific work plan and work package structure was adopted in order to produce an incremental two-steps proof-of-concepts implementation and validation, using agile development techniques. This allows early detection and correction of possible conceptual, design, implementation or run-time issues before additional development effort is expended, providing a solid tested base for further development and minimising rework. Moreover, it simplifies and facilitates the collaboration with CONNECTIVE and other ongoing IP4 projects.
The methodology is purposely designed to leverage previous or concurrent outcomes in the Shift2Rail IP4 projects and EU research and innovation activities, to guarantee the best possible exploitation of the Consortium members’ specialised know-how and delivery capabilities, and to produce outcomes further supporting the Shift2Rail IF market uptake beyond the duration of this project.