The concept of Interoperability Framework (IF)is at the core of the Shift2Rail Innovation Programme (IP) 4, and it is the keyconcept for facilitating a seamless travel experience for users across bordersand transport modes. The IF enables the technical interoperability ofheterogeneous, multimodal transport-related services by relieving applicationsfrom the task of locating, harmonizing and understanding multiple andindependent data and event sources, services, etc.

A series of past and ongoing projects relatedto Shift2Rail IP4 (IT2Rail, ST4RT, GOF4R, CONNECTIVE) have developed and arerefining and extending a set of core concepts and technologies that are part ofthe IF.

The Semantics for PerfoRmant and scalableINteroperability of multimodal Transport (SPRINT) project will improve keyaspects of the Shift2Rail IF to bring the market uptake of the multimodaltransport ecosystem envisioned by IP4 closer to reality. In particular, theproject will address the following specific challenges posed by the objectivesof TD 4.1 (Technical Demonstrator 4.1, as defined in the Shift2Rail Multi-AnnualAction Plan):

       ImproveIF performance and scalability to sustain a large deployment;

       Simplify/automateall the necessary steps needed to integrate new services and sub-systems in theIP4 ecosystem.